3W5JA Japanese DXpedition,Vietnam,1990 

op. Taka JA2JPA, Yoshihiko JJ2BBZ/6, Tomiyama JA6LDD, Katsu JA7DRM, Mac JA7JPZ, Shin JA7SGV, Romeo 3W3RR

3W5JA team in REX Hotel, Ho Chi Minh. From left to right, upper row: JA7JPZ, 3W3RR, JJ2BBZ; lower row: JA2JPA, JJ6LDD, worker of PTT, translator, JA7SGV.

Initially there were negotiations about getting a 3W0JA call sign, hence, the call sign on the T-shirts is 3W0JA. The embroidery on the T-shirts had been printed already before we realized that for unknown reason the ministry of communications gave us 3W5JA.  

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